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Please email me the photographs you want to order and whether

they are on a greeting card or a matted print.

I will need to know the name of the Gallery and the number of

the photo.  This is located on the lower, left side of the photo. Double

click the photo and when it is enlarged you will see the number.


The price list:

1 plain greeting card   $4.00

4 greeting cards         $15.00

Box of 10 cards          $30.00

(You can choose 10 cards or I can suggest a grouping)


Matted enlarged prints:

5 X 7 matted prints are $15

8 X 10 matted prints are $30


6 % Sales tax only Maryland

Shipping additional according to weight 

Payment by Paypal and checks


The turn around time for the order to be completed and shipped is approximately 2 weeks.


What you see on this website is a small segment of my photographic library.
Custom orders are available.




Your details were sent successfully!

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